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How to Strengthen Attention Skills

Learning Skills 101
How to Strengthen Attention Skills

So far, we have been discussing what learning skills are and how they impact a student on a daily basis. If you recall, we stated that learning skills are the underlying mental skills formally known as attention, visual/auditory processing, memory, processing, word attack and auditory analysis. Most of our children experience these skills through reading, writing, spelling, paying attention, remembering, recalling and how quick we can respond to a request.

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing the three types of attention and how they impact a student every day. Well, this week I will be giving you a few ideas on how you can strengthen your attention skills. The tips and strategies I discuss will help all three types of attention.

1. Simon Says - Try this free online version of Simon Says - the music one with the different buttons/tones. Remember this game?

2. Colored Shapes/Blocks - Have the child first practice just stating the "color" of the shapes. Next, have the child practice focus only on the type of shape not the color. Do this with many shapes in several rows.

3. Use metronome online to practice having your state answers to the above on every other beat (click on 120 bpm). yellow, "beat", blue, "beat", etc.

4. Play a game of concentration online and see how many matches your child can get on the first try.

If you have not already recognized this, the attention games strengthen other learning skills, too. This is a main factor in a student's ability to learn. If just one learning skill is off, then the rest will not be working at optimal level. The student will not be working up to their potential.

The good news is that attention is just one of many that you are able to strengthen due to the brain's ability to develop and grow. The Enhanced Learning Skills System was designed to strengthen learning skills required to learn and read easier and more efficiently. Call me today for an assessment and let's begin working together to help your child learn easier and more efficiently.

Next time, we will discuss another learning skill and that impacts everyday learning ability and how there is hope and a solution. Call today for more information on your choices! Colleen can be reached at (908) 285-8352.

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