Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Test your Child?

Children grow and progress at different levels and different speeds. Some children don’t struggle a bit while others struggle to a point that they absolutely hate school and they struggle in life. You need to stop it from happening or don’t let it get to a point where they shut down and do not want to do anything anymore.

Testing your child through a professional can cost you a lot of money that you may not have. You could go through your child’s school, but that could take so much time. You have to make phone calls and wait for a return call. Then explain the issues you see and then waiting again for them to decide what to do and how to handle it.

Why not test your child yourself? It doesn’t matter if you have the knowledge that you feel is necessary or not. You can look at what your child is doing and learn to help them through their problems.

Watch what your child does on a daily basis. Ask yourself some questions while you are watching their routine.

  1. Does he struggle with the activities he is doing?

  2. Are there things he loves to do?

  3. Are there things he hates to do or avoids?

  4. Does he look forward to certain activities?

These questions will work as a guide for what you need to do next with your testing. When you are watching your child pay attention to the following:

  1. Speed in which he does things.

  2. What things does he require when
    he works on things?

  3. Does he struggle with directions?

  4. Can he use different techniques to
    produce the same end result?

Depending on the areas he struggles with, you may not be able to help him. It really depends on what they are and how bad he is struggling. Even if you can’t help, at least you will have something to base your concerns off of. You can take this information to the teacher, school, or counselor and ask for their help or advice.

If you are going to help your child yourself, you will need to clear your mind and relate to your child on his or her level. Don’t laugh or make fun of the presenting struggles. Don’t get upset if your child does not understand and independently follow through on the first time.

You may also need to explain things more than once. If this happens, you need to find a different way to explain it. Your child may need pictures to help guide him through things or he may require doing the thing himself rather than you doing it or explaining it. Whatever way works, continue to use that so he will see success.

Testing your child is a great way to help them improve and grow. If he struggles in certain areas these will come out when you do this test. You will be able to take
these results and either attempt to help him yourself or you will know what type of help he needs and you will be able to find the right person to help.

No matter what the problems are, you need to get your child the help he needs so he can grow and succeed and be happy throughout the rest of his life.

ELS4KIDS provides affordable online cognitive testing that will provide you with a
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