Sunday, November 30, 2008

All Natural Supplements for ADHD and Nutrition

This morning I found myself typing away with great passion in response to a dear friend who asked a question about supplementation. Supplementing is part of overall brain health as is nutrition, exercise, sleep and brain training. My friend wanted to know how a person figures out what is needed for their child? A great question to be asked by a parent. I think every parent I have worked with over the years has asked me the same question. One misconception, I think, is that parents think that supplementing is based on the primary goal of the parent(s). For example, some parents ask what can be done for nutrition. Others ask what can be done for behavior? Still others ask what can be done strictly for ADHD? The list goes on and on.

A person must be in touch with your doctor relative to your plans to begin using supplements with your child.
Most people do not realize that all naturals can be toxic if misused or combined with certain existing medications. Perhaps your pediatrician or even a naturopathic doctor can guide your choices and monitor progress in symptoms.

The following paragraphs will list out the supplements that we have found to be beneficial in our home. To understand healthy supplementation, I have included several resources for parents to research and gain a better understanding. You can find these resources at the bottom of the article.

  1. Liquid Nutrition - Body Balance - whole food supplementation (has vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and more) I used this to help primarily with nutrition concerns because my children were not getting good nutrition. Neither child would take a pill either so liquid vitamins were a good solution. I take these vitamins, too.

  2. We recently found Melaleuca Unforgettables to aide with ADHD and weak memory symptoms. These have Omega's EFAs and other ingredients that aid in memory and antioxidants for overall brain health. I take their Vitality for Life Vitamin/Supplement Packs and have noticed a positive difference in my energy, well-being and even sleep. I do not need to take sleep supplements anymore.

  3. Nature's Way EFAs for Children is a big hit with us, too. Soft gel caps that you can easily put within thick and creamy yogurt (yoplait) and then they are easy to swallow.

  4. Yummi Bears are a favorite here, too. There is a whole line of Yummi Bear products all natural, no additives or dyes, wheat or gluten. They cover calcium, fiber, minerals vitamins, whole food supplements, omega's, and more.

  5. We also looked into Juice Plus for daily fruits and vegetable intake. My children did not like their overall taste so we went to Yummi Bears for fruits and vegetables.
As promised, here are some resources you can use to further research supplementation. Most of these resources are backed by research either by the doctor promoting the supplement or industry research. Good Luck and remember to work with your doctor.

The following two documents are from Dianne Craft. She offers these free from her website.
  1. The Biology of Learning and Behavior (Part 1)
  2. The Biology of Learning and Behavior (Part 2)
Natural Supplement Research link is provided from Dr. Daniel Amen.

This next link is for supplementing during traditional cancer treatment.

An article on using supplements safely in your everyday nutrition can be found here

Colleen Bain, M.A.

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